Your raft


If you are a new team building your first raft you should aim to make it as light as possible so you can manoeuvre it easily at the start and the finish. We do not want to tell you the best way to design your raft but you should incorporate as many weight saving features as possible. Whilst we don’t think that too many aluminium ladders or scaffolding poles grow on a desert island we are happy to see these items feature on rafts as they can be a lot lighter than wood.

For those who want to update your raft design please investigate if you can lose some of the weight of the raft. This is especially important because in years gone by we were always able to guarantee physical assistance in removing your raft from the river at the finish and then transporting it to close by your transport vehicle. However, none of us Lions are getting any younger and several back problems means we cannot guarantee helping you remove your raft from the river or help transport it to your vehicle.

There are plenty of pictures of past races on our Flickr site so please see if any of them can give you design inspiration.