Race check list

Here is a fairly comprehensive raft check list which may be of use to new rafters:
  • Most important….have fun doing this!
  • Crew obtained.
  • Read raft specifications and raft design hints on the website.
  • Entry form sent to Lions.
  • Establish raft design, incorporating minimal weight, and perhaps a theme.
  • Re-look at any ways to save more weight
  • Can raft be transported intact or needs to be built up on the day? Take suitable tools to assemble if necessary.
  • Place to build raft.
  • Raft materials sourced.
  • Source raft transport vehicle & driver.
  • Place to store raft.
  • Obtain buoyancy aids.
  • Make paddles.
  • Ensure that raft floats. This sounds obvious but it is worth checking.
  • Raft supplies to include drinks, snack bars and plenty of sunscreen.
  • Consider wearing headwear if it is bright or sunny.
  • Ensure you have a change of dry clothes at the finish.
  • Try different things to do to raise sponsorship.
  • Collect sponsorship.
  • Donate sponsorship using either the sponsorship form or by MyDonate – details on the raft race website, Donating page.


This list is given in good faith. Neither The Lions nor the nominated charity accept any responsibility for any consequences arising from any errors or omissions.